Why you need a content strategist (and what one does)

A fairy godmother

A content strategist is like a fairy godmother to your content.

In a nutshell, the title of this post sums up both my short and in-depth pitches to potential clients. The tricky part is, it’s often very challenging to distill the whole “what does a content strategist do” into a nice little elevator speech.

Most of the time, I try some variation of “Think of it like an editor in chief for your Web site. It’s someone to take charge of your content and your planning, work with your branding/marketing/advertising teams, and the top dog of quality control.”

Sometimes it works. Sometimes people want more details. And it’s those details that often make eyes glaze over.

So I was thrilled to find an outstanding blog post from Paul Boag that quite simply answers the question: What is a content strategist, and what do they do? My favorite bit:

A content strategist looks after everything on your website that communicates with your audience.

And my second-favorite bit:

I am the ambassador for your poor, maligned content. Content has for too long been the ragged step-sister in the web fairytale. I am her fairy godmother and I’m here to ensure we all live happily ever after.

Cheers to a great post! Read it  yourself and come away enlightened.

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