What does a Chief Content Officer do, anyway?

Job description for Chief Content Officer

What does a CCO do? Read this (if you dare).

Within marketing and content strategy circles, we’re starting to see a new job title: Chief Content Officer. While CCOs have existed in the past, they’ve usually been found in traditional media or PR. These days, CCOs are springing up in the corporate world — for example, Netflix and HTC both have one — heck, it’s even the title of the Content Marketing Institute’s quarterly publication (which is well worth the read, by the way.)

And yeah, I’m hopping on that bandwagon and billing myself as the Chief Content Officer for my own consulting business.

Which begs the question: What, exactly, is the job description for a CCO?

Glad you asked, because so did content marketing guru Joe Pulizzi. In fact, he crowdsourced an incredibly detailed, on-the-money roundup of the skills, talents, experience, and responsibilities a CCO should have.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Chief Content Officer (CCO) oversees all marketing content initiatives, both internal and external, across multiple platforms and formats to drive sales, engagement, retention, leads and positive customer behavior.

This individual is an expert in all things related to content and channel optimization, brand consistency, segmentation and localization, analytics and meaningful measurement.

The position collaborates with the departments of public relations, communications, marketing, customer service, IT and human resources to help define both the brand story and the story as interpreted by the customer.

Ultimately, the job of the CCO is to think like a publisher/journalist, leading the development of content initiatives in all forms to drive new and current business.

It’s a fantastic compilation and offers a great starting off point for conversations with your current management, or as you position yourself for a more senior content-strategist role. (For a PDF version, click the image above.)


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