Secret Punctuation Marks You Never Knew Existed (Unless You’re a Smarty-pants)

an image of the interrobang punctuation mark

An Interrobang - who knew?

Who knew? I, the arbiter of all things punctuation in my house and admitted serial-comma-lover, just learned that I’m not at smart as I think I am.

My days of proudly trotting out “It’s called an ampersand!” to my grade-schooler — or, better yet, “It’s not really called the ‘at’ sign, you know; it’s an ampersat” — are apparently numbered, as I’ve been humbled by a recent post by Jack Shepherd at Buzzfeed.

If you’ve never heard of the Interrobang, the Solidus, or the Pilcrow, you’ll love his piece detailing a dozen-plus under-the-radar punctuation gems.  Aside from the obvious geek appeal, it’s a marvelous reminder that our language is complicated, arcane, richer than we often realize, and sometimes just plain silly.

Did you know there’s a mark called a Snark? Seriously! There is. And it may soon replace the serial comma as my favorite.

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