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Is Your Website Getting Too Much Traffic?

Is your website getting a lot of traffic? Yes? Good for you. On second thought…is it, really? Good for you, I mean. There’s long been a school of thought that with websites, traffic is everything. But that’s not really true, is it? If all that volume isn’t getting you leads, or conversions, or whatever it […]

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Is content strategy a luxury you can’t afford?

A new manager at one of my client organizations has opined that “content strategy is a luxury we can’t afford.” As a result, this manager plans to divide the many content-strategy responsibilities within the company among a handful of disparate people, some of whom have never worked together before. Mistake. BIG mistake. Why? Because content […]

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For better content curation, think about seahorses

Over the weekend, I visited the stunning California Academy of the Sciences in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. It’s a jaw-dropping experience every time, even after the umpteenth visit: a living rainforest, an aquarium, a natural-history museum, and a planetarium all under one (living) roof. But one thing I really noticed this time out was […]

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