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Embrace the (white) space

I was collaborating with a designer on a particularly tricky product page recently. We had wrestled with text length and treatment in the hero image, trying to find a balance between saying what we needed to say (content strategy) and a compelling visual (design) and an easy, intuitive path for the reader (user experience). Needless […]

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How do you define smart content?

Is your content smart? How do you know? Well, it starts by how you define “smart.” Content strategy is in large part concerned with how to make your content better, more relevant, reusable, findable, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. That’s why I was very interested to read a recent post […]

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You need strong pillars for a sound content strategy

  I think there’s often a misconception among people who don’t really “get” content strategy that what we do for a living is make recommendations about which content should go where, and how it should look on a web page. Well, that’s part of it. But just a teensy, tiny part of it. There’s a […]

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