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Infographics: The Eye Candy of Content Strategy

I’m a word nerd from way back, but I will be the first to admit that there are plenty of times that a great image kicks the stuffing out of a great hunk of well-crafted prose. Why? In my estimation, there are three reasons. Simplicity. Case in point: Much as people like to hate on […]

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A Content Strategist is More Than a Word Jockey

I heard these dreaded words the other day, from a potential client: “How is content strategy any different from copy writing?” This question, it must be noted, was uttered after I had done my whole dog-and-pony show/PowerPoint presentation about the value of content strategy, what the process was, what deliverables could be expected, and so […]

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The Content Strategy Rap

One of the best parts of attending Confab last week in Minneapolis was having the opportunity to meet, in person, all the fabulously talented content strategists I’ve been connecting with on Twitter and through various content groups. To my delight, they are as smart in person as they are online — and a funny, talented, […]

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