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You need strong pillars for a sound content strategy

  I think there’s often a misconception among people who don’t really “get” content strategy that what we do for a living is make recommendations about which content should go where, and how it should look on a web page. Well, that’s part of it. But just a teensy, tiny part of it. There’s a […]

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It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

A disproportionate amount of my time as a content strategist tends to be spent convincing clients that they should translate their messaging from “business-speak” to plain old English. Even better, make it friendly English — interesting or even (gasp) enticing. Yes, the message is the same , but how you say it makes a difference […]

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AdWords isn’t a simple shortcut to SEO

I’ve worked with so many clients who ignore my suggestions to optimize their content for better search-engine ranking. They argue that they don’t need the organic search — because they have an SEM plan that uses AdWords. (cue the angels singing) I think AdWords is great. Used correctly, it can definitely help generate traffic. But […]

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