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Don’t exhaust your readers’ stamina

Is your company blog as engaging as you think? According to research by Jakob Nielsen, probably not. In a study of corporate blogs’ front-page structure, Nielsen and his team found that in blogs where each posting’s full content is posted on the front page — so users don’t have to click, which in theory is […]

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The emperor has no clue

I’ve consulted with a lot of companies in my day, and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a bevy of wildly talented people. But once in a while…well, my luck seems to run out. Lately I’ve been challenged with a senior-level exec (read: stakeholder/approver) who just doesn’t seem to “get” what the content team […]

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He said, she said

A client recently questioned me about the wisdom of using “he” for the default pronoun in the FAQ copy for her website. Her concerns: Would it come across as sexist? Would it make women readers feel left out? My response was that, sadly, the English language doesn’t have a handy gender-neutral pronoun at its disposal […]

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