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Infographics: The Eye Candy of Content Strategy

I’m a word nerd from way back, but I will be the first to admit that there are plenty of times that a great image kicks the stuffing out of a great hunk of well-crafted prose. Why? In my estimation, there are three reasons. Simplicity. Case in point: Much as people like to hate on […]

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Embrace the (white) space

I was collaborating with a designer on a particularly tricky product page recently. We had wrestled with text length and treatment in the hero image, trying to find a balance between saying what we needed to say (content strategy) and a compelling visual (design) and an easy, intuitive path for the reader (user experience). Needless […]

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PowerPoint, you are my nemesis!

Why is it that my creative side is limited to words? I am, without a doubt, a crappy visual designer. I would love to be one of those arty types who can sketch out a fabulous cartoon on a napkin, mock up a fresh new website design in an  hour, or come up with a […]

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