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Give Your UI Some Love With a Style Guide

I’m convinced that UI is often the (pardon the expression) red-headed stepchild of content strategy. And that’s especially true of in-product UI. Businesses often spend big bucks on crafting these amazing website, with fabulous and well-crafted content, to support a cool Web app or product…but don’t spend the time (or effort) to make sure the […]

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Secret Punctuation Marks You Never Knew Existed (Unless You’re a Smarty-pants)

Who knew? I, the arbiter of all things punctuation in my house and admitted serial-comma-lover, just learned that I’m not at smart as I think I am. My days of proudly trotting out “It’s called an ampersand!” to my grade-schooler — or, better yet, “It’s not really called the ‘at’ sign, you know; it’s an […]

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He said, she said

A client recently questioned me about the wisdom of using “he” for the default pronoun in the FAQ copy for her website. Her concerns: Would it come across as sexist? Would it make women readers feel left out? My response was that, sadly, the English language doesn’t have a handy gender-neutral pronoun at its disposal […]

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