What I do

From Web content to social media, from brand identity to advertising, from event marketing to demand generation, the one constant has to be useful, multipurpose, kick-ass content that attracts and engages customers and prospects.

That’s where I come in.

I specialize in designing content strategies that support — and extend — marketing efforts in digital media by sourcing, curating, creating, disseminating, and making the most of useful, usable, high-quality content. That includes building a strong digital footprint and creating a consistent, engaging content experience from every entry point and communication channel, whether it’s advertising, web and social media, public relations, email marketing, or even internal communications.

Deliverables? I’ve created them all, from content inventories and competitive audits to sweeping plans for expanding a brand into new marketing arenas, including syndicated content and social media. I’ve built style guides and glossaries, developed tone and voice guidelines, and authored how-to’s for writers looking to create Web-savvy copy.

I play well with others, especially marketing groups, design teams, and developers. I’m a persuader, a diplomat, an ombudsman, and (often) the voice of reason who backs up planning with data and research. And I’m very good at herding all the cats that are part and parcel of any content initiative.

And yeah — I also write: site content, collateral, metadata, blogs, tweets, video scripts, and more.

Any questions, or just want to talk content strategy or content marketing? Hit me up at cc@ccholland.com.