About me

March2020I’m a content strategy and content marketing pro with a passion for smart content plans, spit-shined prose, and the serial comma.

As a consultant and Chief Content Officer of C Squared Media, I’ve worked with clients ranging from start-ups to agencies to enterprise-level organizations. Happy campers include Cisco, Kaiser, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Disney Online, Level Studios, Punchcut, Cingular, Eloqua, Nuance Communications, and Fujitsu America.

In my former life, I was a journalist and editor; my writing has appeared in major print and online outlets including the Los Angeles Times, CBS2News.com, the San Francisco Chronicle, ZDNet, CNET, and Law.com.

When I’m not knee-deep in content strategy, planning, and development, you’ll probably find me on the tennis courts or with my nose stuck in my Kindle.

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