This Blog is On a (Permanent) Break :-)

Yes, I’m the first to admit there’s an unequivocal irony to the fact that a professional content nerd’s blog is gathering dust. Talk about the cobbler’s kids going unshod. It’s nothing I haven’t berated myself with countless times.

But you know what? I’m realizing that’s okay.

I’ve been lucky enough to be inundated over my career with challenging, exhilarating, and exciting content strategy, content marketing, and digital media projects. I’m busy wordsmithing and strategizing and talking content all day, every day. I’m getting my writing jones fulfilled non-stop.

And when I’m not working, I’m spending time with my two glorious kids, my wonderful husband, my nutty dog, my fabulous friends, and trying to find some time for exercise and balance. And sleep.

And that’s important too.

So I’ve decided that much as I love my blog, it’s going to be taking a break. For a while. Maybe for always. (Update: Yes, it looks like for always.)

So if you like my writing, feel free to take a look at my older posts. Or drop by once in a while to see if the cobwebs have cleared.

But for now, I am going gentle into that good night.

Good night.

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